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I create unique, conceptually-focused experiences for you!

Welcome, jugglers!

James Jay is a fellow juggler living and working in Berlin, Germany.

As you can read on my normal home page, my juggling acts range from robotic to poetic. The Juggling Jukebox™ act includes a high-tech version in which juggling motions create interactive electronic music.

For Circus Contraption I worked as a trio with jugglers Colin Ernst and Gary Luke in Seattle. My circus alter-ego Pavel Merzo now has his own website.

The artistic end of my work combines poetry with juggling, and features my trademark book manipulation.

Resources for jugglers

At juggling festivals, I sometimes teach a multiplex juggling workshop. I wrote an Introduction to Multiplexing for the JIS, which is now on my site.

Until I pull together my complete Jugglers' Resources page, you can poke around my sitemap.

I'd love to hear from you: jay@jamesjay.com.

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